The seeds of future harvest

Today was the day we started on my major… CROPS!!!

I was so happy to start on my major and the classes i can really relate to.  today was mainly about cereal grains and some of the other major crops of Poland, but not in as much detail as cereal grains.  Which is cool in all but we don’t have that much cereal crop over in the states as they do here.  But the interesting thing is they don’t have Genetic Modified Organisms here.  they have actual plan breeders creating hybrid vigor crop like Triticale which is a hybrid of rye and wheat.  which in my opinion right now may be more beneficial to an agricultural eco-system then some thing like a round up ready crop.  I shall pick the professors brain tomorrow i believe lol.

IMG_1226 IMG_1225

But tall the seeds form every major crops was given to us to see and feel and see what they were like before germination then planted as a seedling.  Oh and the purple one above on the second picture is the coolest of them all.  That one is a special seed that the American agriculturalist can buy.  This seed is one individual seed that is coated with a slow release fungicide and fertilizer to help growth so you can just poke it directly into the ground.

This we will be the most exciting week of school to me. Time to go pick some brains.


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