The Soils And Views Only in Poland

IMG_1161 “On top of the hill”


When we first show up to our class room today, both instructors say lets go.  So we all pile in a mini bus and off we went.  i believe we went south of Bydgoszcz to a glacier basin where soils formed through the melting of glaciers and prime land is born.  But all in this basin in between the hills where apartments and houses.  But not any agricultural land.

IMG_1163 As we made out through the hill we came to a soil pit that had been dug out for us.  Granted we had to do a little digging and clean out to get down to the parent material but we eventually got there.  As we started to classify the soil and go through standard horizon evaluation we came across a Lamella.  This is a picture of the lamella that separated two different elluviated horizons.  And this only happens when there is a lot of water that seeps through the soil taking the nutrients and the minerals are dragged out of the soil and nothing is left.  Thats why the picture looks white.  This section is now going through pedogenesis to start forming a nice clay clay horizon.  Its so cool to see what the stories the soil can tell you.

IMG_1165 But after the soil pit was classified and all the paperwork was filled out we decided to head south I think and go see the largest river in Poland.  I believe it was the Vistula river.  But they do not have to worry about flooding because of the levies that are in place. The cool thing is that every year the river floods and the flood plane fills up. When the flood planes fill, the nutrients from the sediment are then deposited into the fields where agricultural use is then taken advantage of.  So because of this river the soils are then classified as a fluvial according to the FAO classification.

IMG_1166 And you know I am a plant guy, so I decided to just throw in a picture of a poppy.

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