The Time I Got Mistaken for a Prostitute

Yes, you read that correctly. I thought about not posting this story, but I think it’s hilarious. So why not, right?

Last night, Shawn and I were playing pool in the bar that was in our hostel. We decide to go have a cigarette, so we walk downstairs and stand in the alley. Then we decided we really needed to know for sure what “Ciemnia” was so we started asking random people, essentially. Most people didn’t understand what we were asking. The hostel reception eventually came outside to smoke too and told us that it was a gay club. Which we had pretty much already assumed, considering only men would go in, by themselves, and come out in pairs. Then some other guy told me that women could go in. We were tempted to, but by this time it was three in the morning and we were much too tired to go dancing and had to wake up around seven the next morning.

I kind of went off on a tangent there… Back to about an hour before. So the two of us are standing in the alley, smoking a Chesterfield, and this car drives by sort of slow. Which would be fine if his head wasn’t turned a full ninety degrees, staring us down. Okay, so that’s creepy. Whatever. A minute later, he’s driving back the other way and parallels into the spot in front of the alley. Oh crap. Maybe it’s time to go back inside now… Why didn’t I buy a pocket knife? But he just sits there for about sixty seconds with his windows down and drives off. Was he waiting for us to come up to his window? Did he just freaking think we were prostitutes?! Did I just miss out on a chance to make some extra złoty? Again the girl working at the desk knows all, telling us later that literally one street over there are a couple older ladies of the night… one with blonde hair and the other with dark… So… honest mistake?


Post script to family, friends, random people that have added me on Facebook: I promise you I am perfectly safe, regardless of sleeping in a room packed with strangers or mostly lit alleys at night. There is no need to worry about me. I had a ton of fun in Krakow this weekend and spent probably too much money at the bizarre. We are on the train ride back now, which will get us back in Bydgoszcz around ten pm our time. You little American babies will still be sun bathing or eating queso or something. Mmm… queso. Anyway, I have to go write an essay for class that is due tomorrow. Boo, responsibility.

Do wizenia!

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