Things I learned today

So I learned my lesson the hard way today. Always always always be wary of people trying to get your money. I won’t go into too much detail but today I got robbed by a taxi driver. I was not worried at first when I entered the cab as I have ridden in several since I arrived in poland many by myself so why should this be different. The worst damage I thought it could do was 30 zl needless to say five minutes after my departure i was down $80. in the future i will refrain from taxis altogether unless i am in a big group.

something I also found today is it is probably a lot safer to stay in the tourist areas of big cities. The areas advertising more “charm” usually mean the rough neighborhoods and I for one don’t suggest venturing into these areas. If a hostel is tad bit more expensive but located more centrally you should take that choice it might save you in the long run.

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