Time Already?

Our time in Poland has passed so quickly. Today Danielle and I went on the hunt for the last few gifts for our families. We went through the open air market multiple times and eventually found something for everyone.

Jessi, Lauren, Richard (Shakira) Danielle, and Me at the farewell barbecue.

At 3:00 we met everyone and made our way back to the campus for our farewell barbecue. We got to meet Martina’s fiance and then we made our way to a part of campus where they had horses. We met some more students and were pleased to find Tristen and some of the other faculty that we had interacted with there. We all enjoyed Polish sausages and then sat around and talked for a while.

We eventually got restless and were doing cartwheels. Lauren did a back-flip, it was quite humorous as I basically picked her up and threw her over my shoulder. We all enjoyed ourselves and regretted having to say goodbye to our new friends. We made our way back to the main campus and then walked back to our dorm. Danielle and I did a little more packing and then went our for dinner.

We went to a restaurant that served pizza, we had ate there earlier in our visit. We were trying to get rid of our Polish currency as they wont convert the coins, or grosha, back into US dollars. We then decided that we needed lody one last time and then made our way back to the dorms to finish packing.

I believe that I will be able to fit everything into my suit case and I have checked into my flights. Our taxi will pick us up outside of our dorm at 3:30AM and will take us to the airport so I won’t be getting much sleep. Almost 24 hours of traveling are in my future but I am eager to get back to Texas.

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