Traveling Back In Time

Day 8, Monday May 22nd

Every morning we are greeted with a big smile and a very enthusiastic dzień dobry, good morning, from Frederick. This morning was no different, and today we also got to see a picture of him, his wife, his dog, and his alpaca!

Reconstruction of a Neolithic building

Outside the Neolithic building

Today he took us to a Neolithic and Iron Age recreation and museum called Biskopin. We had a tour guide show us around the different type of community and talk to us about how they lived and what kind of methods they developed. They had recreated one of these houses which was a trapezoidal shape and very long. Outside the house there were mock tools like the ones that were discovered on site, we also looked a water transportation, and their farming  techniques.



Nearby we toured another settlement which is called Biskopin, which was built on a peninsula. This settlement was discovered in 1934 but because of what was going on in the world at the time excavation was delayed. At this museum they have recreated the very large what is suspect to be the watch tower, and part of the very barrier that went all the way around the settlement. On the inside of the walls they have reconstructed two of the very long building that were located inside this settlement. Inside these very long buildings there were smaller homes and storage places.

We then walked over to where all these little shops were that we could look at some of the items like jewelry, games, currency, and weapons. We also went into the museum part at our tour guide explained to us the history of these settlement and the man who discovered them. Of course after our tour was over we had to stop for lody.

After leaving  Biskopin we went to go take some pictures with the flowers that are used to make canola oil, and we also looked at the pH of the soil in the area. After this we headed home, we were all really tired from our busy weekend so we opted to go back to the dorms and go to bed early.

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