Toruń tidbit

By Donald G. McGahan

Toruń (pronounced TOH-roon) was the biggest and most important of the Hanseatic trading centers along the Wisła.

It is a pleasurable easy going place and a fun day. Arrive early and it can be a day trip. Sites to see that cost are the Copernicus House (Dom Kopernika), Gingerbread Museum (Muzeum Piernika), and Ethnographic Park (Park Ethnograficzny). Each costs less than 20 zł per person.


The main train station (called Toruń Główny) is about a kilometer away, and across the river, from the Old Town.

Outside of the station are taxis that will likely charge around 15-20 zł to take the trip into town.
To take the bus #22, #25, or #27 purchase a ticket from the RUCH kiosk overlooking the tracks near the station. Follow the pedestrian underpass beneath track 4 (entrance to  underpass marked with low-profile wyjście do miasta sign and bus icon, outside the main station and to the left). When you emerge on the other side, the bus stop for #22, #25, or #27 into the enter is ahead on the right. Take the bus to Rapackiego, the first stop after the long bridge.

From Bydgoszcz Glówna to Toruzń Glówny the fare is 15.20 zł per person by train.

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