VaVaMuffin! VaVaMuffin! VaVaMuffin!

Okay so you’re probably wondering who VaVaMuffin is. Fair enough because until we got here I’d never heard of them either.

View of stage from back of crowd.

View of stage from back of crowd.

On our second evening here we were invited to go to a concert with Łukasz, Ada and Kasia, some of the polish students. This concert was being sponsored by the university to celebrate the students returning to school after a week off.

The genre of music can best be described as reggae/rap, so you know the beat was good. While Tarleton will occasionally have something like this on a much smaller scale it’s almost always country, so if you’re a fan of a beat your bound to be disappointed.

I cannot begin to tell you how much fun Clarissa, Rachel and I had. At least I hope the other two had as much fun as I did. It was funny because at one point we’d gotten so used to listening to the polish bands that when VaVaMuffin started playing a Bob Marley song in English it took us a minute to recognize it.

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