Wow. Where do I even start?

Its been a long three days, but the adventure is already brewing!

Lets start with the people.

On the plane I sat next to a delightful woman from Egypt. Hayam was traveling to see her family, as she is now a citizen of the United States. While she was shy at first we found each other laughing together. As we made way to our next flight she gave me a hug. On the other side of Hayam was a young man whom I failed to catch his name. Turns out he is a professor at West Texas A&M. He was leading his first study abroad class in Germany over marketing. Poor man almost snored loud enough to drown out the 4 toddlers on board.

The plane that took me from Dallas to Germany

After the extremely long flight I arrived at the Frankfurt airport, huge would be an understatement. Being a directionaly challenged person whom is also prone to accidents and clumsiness its amazing that I found my next terminal and made it through customs without a hitch!

We’ve been hearing about the recent shenanigans that has occurred on  flights, people being dragged and kicked off, well I never thought it would happen to one of us. Although she wasn’t kicked off the plane the airport somehow lost records of her ticket?! Luckily our professor stayed behind with her and we were received with open                                                                                                       arms by the colleges in Bydgoszcz.

The Bydgoszcz airport was quite small but welcoming. We were drove

Bydgoszcz Airport

to our new homes by a polite gentleman. Because we cannot pronounce his name we have begun to call him Frederick, he looks like a Frederick. He gave us a brief tutorial on how to say Thank-You in polish, but knows little to no English that we can tell. We were told to report for duty at 10 am for what is bound to be an eventful day.


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