Waiting on a plane to take me away

So… today is the day that a beautiful plane will take me to a new land, full of adventure and fun.  But there is one problem.  That problem is waiting.  Today my family is all traveling to Washington D.C. for my brothers law school graduation. Their flight leaves in 20 min.  Because of this and the fact that my dog had to be taken to Dallas to stay with my father while I was away, I have been at the airport sitting in the Admirals Club for about 2 hours now and i will stay here until my friends show up to the airport at 4 pm.  So I wait… and wait… and wait some more until my 8 pm flight to take me to my new home. (home for a month)

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2 Responses to Waiting on a plane to take me away

  1. All the participants should be so lucky to be able to afford entrance to the Admirals Club.