Week One!

Poland has been nothing but amazing so far! We started class on Monday and I have learned so much already after 3 days of class. First of when we got here i was kinda scared and didn’t know what it would be like here. We got to our dorms late friday night after flying for felt like days! luckily I didn’t sleep on the plane very much so I PASSED out right away! No jet lag for me!!Our first day in Bygdoszcz we spend with the polish students. We have become very fond of the students showing us around! They are super nice and have helped us so much we would probably lost without them! We walked around the old town square on Saturday and that night we went to a Reggae concert put on by the university for students. I had the best time at the concert!! I got to try my first polish Piwo (beer) and see some of the younger crowds here in Poland. The language barrier between us and the polish students is not as bad as I feared it would be! Hand signals work ALOT here! On sunday we went to a dairy about an hour away! The dairy was honestly so cool and interesting! We were lucky enough to have some of the workers at the dairy explain the process and the robotic milking system they use! The technology was so advanced and crazy! It blew my mine that it could milk a cow and a person not even have to be around!

One thing that was a big problem for me when we first arrived was finding contact solution! Saturday we went out to get things we needed like toiletries and food! Only contact solution can no be found just at any market like in the U.S. You have to by it from the optyka (glasses store). Finally on monday I got my contact solution and was the happiest girl ever…. only not as happy as I was when i found Dr. Pepper in the super market! Its funny how they have a lot of the same name brand things here as they do in the U.S.

I have met so many people from such different places including countries like Spain, Portugal, and Turkey! I think it is the coolest thing ever meeting all the students from the other countries that are doing a study abroad here in Poland just like we are! Today I am exhausted!!!! We walk EVERYWHERE here! Today I was harrassed by some giant killer bee in my room his morning around 5:30 in the morning! So i was woken up earlier than planned! We also went into the field today and looked at a soil pit in the forest! Then we had to walk ALL THE WAY HOME!!!! The walking is not bad I actually enjoy it, but today was a LONG walk! Probably the longest we have walked the entire trip (or at least thats what it felt like)! Also we brought the Texas heat with us! So now I am just ready to sit back and relax for the rest of the night!!!!

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