Weekend in Berlin

This past weekend we decided to visit Berlin for the weekend. It was a little struggle at first getting there but we got situated in the train and we were off. As we arrived it was beautiful. Packed with people and also just amazing artichecture and buildings around the city also not to mention the luxury cars that we came across. After a nice lunch we went to find a hotel and we stayed in a really nice hostel with a balcony on top to enjoy a drink and enjoy the scenic view. The next day we checked out the famous gate in berlin to snap a few pictures and grab a lunch before heading back to the train station. That Saturday there was a huge soccer game happening and the city was packed with people. We didn’t miss out on any celebration while at each corner and street you hear me just cheering and drinking just anticipating before the game. We took abroad the train before the game had started and it was eve more packed as trains full of fans came out to attend the celebration that happened to be just outside the train station. It was one beautiful and eventful weekend in Berlin. Oh and forgot to mention, Karen and I had a marvelous time shopping.

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