What a fun-gi

“Don’t have sex, or you will get pregnant AND die.” -Mean Girls

“Don’t eat food that has mold, or you will get cancer AND die.” -Anna

Thursday was our class day with Anna B.C., who studies food mycotoxins. To start, this was our very first time to have to get ourselves to class, which we hadn’t planned for. We sat waiting on the curb for Leszek, who never arrived. Come to find out, he was not coming to drive us because we do not have a field trip today. We hurried to the tram stop, had to wait for a bus, then go to the other side of town, get off, then walk to the university. We ended up being an hour late, but the faculty understood the miscommunication, and we picked up.

Anna presented to us a slideshow about Fungi, particularly teaching us the difference in harmful fungi and non-harmful fungi, and the effects. It is best, we learned, to just avoid it altogether. Mycotoxins can slip through the infected food and into foods around it without being visible to the naked eye. Overtime, this builds up and causes serious effects such as a depleted immune system, memory loss, cancer, and other harmful, or even life-threatening conditions. It is best if one orange is effected to throw them all out, or if cheese is moldy, to throw it away rather than removing just the effected part.

After our lesson, we took a walk with Ava and learned a little more about Mill Island in Bydgoszcz. She was very curious about Texas and America, and asked many questions to compare.  Anna W.P. soon arrived and took us to try a Ukrainian restaurant. She is leaving for Portugal, and this was her chance to say goodbye. She taught us a lot about the first communion, which is big in the Catholic church. I was glad because we have been seeing a lot lately about this, and we did not fully understand what it is. Her older daughter who we went out with earlier also met us at the Ukrainian restaurant. Honestly, the food was very similar to the Polish food we have been eating, but the pork was too dry. Overall, it was a good experience

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