What a Start!

Monday 8am US time

I didn’t really have any expectations when I met up with Danielle and Dr. McGahan at Tarleton to ride to the DFW Airport to begin our journey to Poland. I had never dreamed that things would unfold the way that they did though. How did things unfold? I am so glad that you asked!!! Let me tell you.  All things are going swell, we made great time and got to the airport around 9:30am.  After returning the rental car, we went to the United kiosk to get our boarding passes and check our luggage.  Danielle and Dr. McGahan had no trouble getting all three of their boarding passes, I however only received two. That is when I should have known things were going to really go awry!!  Apparently, you can also only check your luggage in 4 hours before your flight- who knew!!! So, we waited around for about an hour and then we checked our luggage. Well, I should say THEY checked their luggage! I had to talk to the lady at the counter and see why the kiosk wasn’t printing off my luggage tag, turns out me not having 3 passes confused the poor little machine, but I did get my luggage checked finally.  Security was really simple, the usual “place all laptops in a bin by themselves. Remove all belts and everything out of your pockets,” nothing to crazy. Dr. McGahan flies so much he is like a precheck something or other so he got to jump to the front of the line and was waiting on us girls.  Making our way through security didn’t take 30 minutes including the standing in line.  We made our way to our gate after I finally got dressed again.  Now need I remind you that by now it is only like 12:30 and our flight doesn’t board until 3:07, so what to do in the meantime? EAT!!! We ate lunch at TGI Fridays for 1 last American meal before we set off. Around 2:45 we headed to our gate and got on the plane with no problems.

The flight to Houston was not bad at all!! I had a window seat and it was only about 40 minutes, maybe. The flight was very smooth and the attendants were very nice. I remember the Capitan saying we were just outside of Houston, like another 10 minutes, so I closed my eyes for what felt like a blink but the next thing I knew I was asleep and us landing woke me up.  In Houston, we met up with Jessi to fly to Frankfurt together.  I talked to the lady at the counter there about not having a boarding pass for my connecting flight to Bydgoszcz and she told me that I would have to talk to the Lufthansa airline people when I got to Frankfurt because they had not released the seats to United. I thought okay not that big of a deal I guess, even though Danielle and Dr. McGahan both got theirs. I still had hope that things would all work out. Lauren and Sarah were already on their ways to Frankfurt so we would meet them at the next flight gate. This was my first time flying internationally and I was a little nervous, not as much as I thought I would be but just a little bit. The airline provided us with a light blanket and a small pillow, which was more than I was expecting to get so that was nice. There were TVs with headphone jacks and a place to plug my phone in so I was set! I plugged everything in and found me a movie… Moana!! I watched Moana after we had flown over Tennessee while I ate supper and by the time we got over New York I decided I should sleep some. I crashed as much as you can on a plane. I woke up a few times during the night to check and see where we were. I laid the tray down and placed my pillow on there and slept all hunched over like that for a bit.  This morning the stewardess was coming by and she asked if I wanted breakfast. I guess I was still asleep because I remember telling her no, then I guess it dawned on me what she had asked and so I told her that I had changed my mind and that I would like breakfast, which consisted of blueberry yogurt and a croissant. The rest of the flight I was in and out of sleep. I woke up for good about 30 minutes outside of Frankfurt. We had started our decent and we had broken through the clouds so I could see the ground below me.  There were tons of fields!!! They were all shades of yellow and green. I could even see some big windmills like we have back home!


From the plane!!

We landed in Frankfurt and that is where it all fell apart.  On our way to the next gate to meet Lauren and Sarah we swung by the ticket counter to check on my boarding pass, it would be helpful since this is the flight I need it for.  Come to find out, my reservation has been lost and the flight is very full.  The nice lady gave me a standby ticket and said I would have to talk to them at the gate to find out more.  So, we hoof it to the gate and the flight is not only very full but straight up overbooked.  They have already asked for volunteers to stay behind and take a flight out tomorrow, only one person had volunteered. There were 3 of us that were standby! The chances of anyone else volunteering and me taking their seat was slim to none, so Dr. McGahan decided to stay behind with me and send the girls on to Bydgoszcz. The airline gave us meal vouchers and gave us each a hotel room. They rebooked and confirmed both my flight to Poland and my return flight from Poland. I should be good to go now.

Given that we now had all day to be in Frankfurt, Dr. McGahan and I set out to try and find somewhere to eat in this maze that they call an airport. You know what I have noticed? Most airports are not user friendly! We meandered our way through the airport until we found this German restaurant the desk lady had told us about.  Dr. McGahan ordered a steak which came with French fries and I ordered a cheeseburger that came with sweet potato fries and coleslaw.  I also ordered a crème brûlée for desert since I had never had one before.  It tasted to me like a mixture between a Mexican flan and banana pudding.  After lunch, we finally figured out how to get out of the labyrinth and waited for the shuttle to take us to our hotel.  The InterCity hotel is very nice and has a modern feel to it.  We settled into our rooms and I took a nap!! I have never been so tired in my life!!! Now we are off to supper at the hotel restaurant. It will be interesting to see what unfolds on the remaining of the day and the trip to come.

Crème brûlée anyone?

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