What Happens in Poland Stays in Poland!!!

Day 7, Sunday May 21st

Train ride

Today we traveled by train to another city called Toruń. It was a day full of new sites, and adventures. We were so lucky that we had our own personal tour guide, Andrew a student who was at Tarleton last fall and is from Toruń, who could show us things that we wouldn’t have gotten to experience if he wasn’t with us.

We left our dorms extra early so that we could find where the train station was and where to get on. Well everything was in polish so we were slowly figuring it out when these three people walk up and we ask them if they speak English and they don’t but the gentlemen was still willing to help us. He motioned that we were indeed in the right spot. So we had 30 minutes to wait well and train arrived 10 minutes early and the man motions to us that this is it and so we hope on the train just thinking it was a little early. Well we go to get our tickets scanned on the train and the ticket guy informs us that we are on the wrong train and we have to buy new tickets for the train we are on.

The walk to the ruins

The ruins

After getting to Toruń Andrew meets us at the train station and laughs at us for getting on the wrong train. And next he leads us down this path that we would have never found without him and we end up at medieval castle ruins it was so gorgeous!!! We climbed up a spiral staircase and onto the edge of the ruins, but because of being afraid of heights I couldn’t walk all the way around with the group but it was definitely a wonderful view from where I was.

Next, Andrew took us into town and showed us around his very beautiful city. As we pasted statues, old buildings, and remains of medieval castles this town was more of what I envisioned when I thought about Poland. We all quickly fell in love with the gorgeous city.

Church During Mass

Since it was Sunday, most of the town was in mass, and as we passed a beautiful church Andrew decided to just walk right on in and we followed. We all in awe of how gorgeous everything was inside.

After leaving the church he shared stories about the history of his town and what all the statues were for. Toruń  is the home of Nicolaus Copernicus and he showed us were he lived and the statue they had of him more in the center of town was dressed like a clown. He was dressed up because of the week long university festival the whole country of Poland participates in, where the students don’t have class and just party all week (this took place the first week were here).

Nicolaus Copernicus Statue

We finally sat down for some lunch at Andrews favorite pierogi restaurant. He told us about which kind he liked and that he liked the boiled ones (which is the traditional way to cook them) over the baked ones. I got the boiled roasted meat pierogis and then shared the boiled raspberry white chocolate pierogis with Sarah. They were both very delicious.

After lunch we walked around a bit more before we went to this interactive museum. We were very lucky to get tickets to because Andrew told us they sell out fast. Toruń is famous for its gingerbread and this museum taught us about the history of gingerbread in Toruń and we got to make our own at the end of our interactive history lesson.

The Gingerbread I Made

We ended our amazing day in Toruń with some Lody before heading back to the train station and going back to our dorms.

Before we headed back to the dorms

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