Who knew it would involve all that?!

What a day!! Okay so this blog is going to be just a little bit different than the others as this blog will be very brief and a general overview of our day and the next few blogs will go into more detail.  Let’s start our journey on the tram, we rode the tram from our dorm to the same station that we had to go to when we went to Torun, but this time we took in on into town to the Bydgoszcz Glowny Station, the main station. Dr. McGahan had told us the night before that we weren’t going to be able to buy our tickets on the train itself so we tried to get there early enough to get our tickets however the line at the ticket desk was incredibly long! A girl at the station said that we could buy the tickets on the train otherwise we were going to miss it. So, we took off to the platform with only a few minutes to spare! After we got our tickets bought and found our seats, I put my headphones in and passed out on our hour and a half train ride to Tczew. Once we arrived in Tczew, we waited for our next train that would take us on in to Malbork. I would tell you about what we did in Malbork but that is another blog. After we had spent a good part of the day in Malbork, we walked back to the train station and caught the train for our next destination: Gdansk.  In Gdansk, we met up with Dr. McGahan and Dr. Lambert. We ended up getting lost (more to come in later blog) and having to get Uber to come pick us up. We got dropped off near the center of the city and walked around there for a while. We ate some supper and decided we should head back to Bydgoszcz.  We found some taxis that could take us to the train station so off we went.  Luckily there is a direct train from Gdansk to Bydgoszcz so we would have to get off and on another one. We made it back to Bydgoszcz sometime around 11:30 so the trams had quit running for the day so we got another taxi to take us home. Just to recap that is 1 tram, 5 trains, an uber and 2 taxis all in one day!!

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