Who knew you could milk a cow with a robot!

On Sunday we were given an opportunity to tour a new state of the art dairy. I’m a soils person so dairy cattle are not my field of expertise but this sounded like a great time to expand on my limited knowledge. We arrived around noon and were given a SWAG bag from Ford. That’s right Ford is in Poland. It was a shock for me too. In addition to the Ford goodies we had vouchers for food. But first we’ve got a dairy to tour.

Air freshener... Winning!

Air freshener… Winning!

Entrance to the dairy.

Entrance to the dairy.

The cows were too cute. As we’re wondering around one of the professors asks us if we want to go watch the automatic milker milk a cow. Say what? A robot that milks the cow without a human needing to be present. Mind blown! During the initial set up of course humans are needed to lead the cow into the chute for identification. This involves DNA samples, collars with their name and number on them plus other vital data. After that the cows come and go as they please 2-3 times a day for milking. After udder cleaning, the suction tubes attach to the corresponding udder and milking begins. As the milk is being pumped it’s going through a variety of quality control tests. Such as color, and hormone levels. Once the milk is collected the suction tubes release the udder and the cow can go on her merry way. So thankful to have been given this opportunity.

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