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The third week was absolutely amazing because it was about Wildlife and that is my major. The first day was really interesting because it was facts about the regulations polish hunters have to take before they can hunt. In Poland they have forest areas that are divided by clubs and the clubs feed and manage the animals and then practice pursuing the animals for food, recreation and even trade. Some more information that I was refreshed with was that the closed seasons protect the species that are most vulnerable pr the are protected during the breeding seasons. Another interesting thing I found out was that controversial huntinng is of captive or semi captive animals bred and raised unter controlled or semi controlled conditions so the animal can attain the trophy characteristics. We also did a worksheet that has what you think a hunter is and on the other side what a hunter should be. I found this to be interesting but it was also a distraction because we just discussed what we thought would best fit and at the end he said the worksheet was a distraction from the main point of the discussion. After I heard all the information we discussed some stuff on what we think of the ways the polish hunt and then compared a little to the ways people in Texas hunt. I found all this information to be very interesting because I learned about so many ways on how the polish hunt and the laws they have to follow.

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