Wildlife Debate

The wildlife lecture turned out to be a big debate. The teacher talked about the ethics of hunting and the responsibility required while hunting. The debate was over the view of hunters in the US and how some people think that hunting is cruel. In reality though, hunting helps regulate the population of game animals. The regulation of game animals is good because there are not as many predators to naturally regulate the populations.

Some aspects of hunting that was discussed in class was education, protection, management, and poaching. The protection, management, and poaching all tie together because the reduction of poaching is protecting animals. When the animals are protected, they need to be managed. The education of animals and how to have good hunting skills is a very important aspect of being a true hunter, in my opinion. This class was very informing on how education is important, and how it is harder in Poland to be able to hunt. There is very hard exams that have to be taken to get into a hunting association so you can go hunting. In Texas all you have to do is take a hunter safety course, which is very easy, and buy a hunting license to be able to hunt.

The debate in class was interesting to hear everyones opinion on hunters and the class informed us on how we have it easy when it comes to being able to hunt.

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