Wildlife field study

We only had two class days of the third week which was really nice. So on Tuesday we took a two hour car ride to the field to study and learn about wildlife. The car ride was the worst part because I didn’t have any games to play on my phone or my headphones to kill the time faster so the ride was really long. When we arrived I got really excited because we were about to see and learn about wildlife. The first thing we did was hiked for a while and learned about where certain animals breed and the confined areas the put them in to roam around during breeding season. We also walked to another area where they would plant food for the animals to graze on during certain times of the year. After we finished walking we eat lunch. The lunch was absolutely amazing. We had this homemade soup that was really good with bread and you dipped the bread in the soup to make it taste outstanding. After we ate the soup we got to cook our own sausage over the fire. The sausage took about five to ten minutes to cook and after that the polish sausage was ready to eat. It was probably some of the best sausage I have ever had to eat. After we finished eating we relaxed for a while and got back in the car and headed back to the dorms. When we arrived back everyone pretty much crashed after a long day.

animal pic sausage soup and bread

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