Will you pass the lard?

You can see the particles of the soil begin to settle at the bottom.

Today was our first day in the class room, and I believe it is safe to say that most everyone realized we may be in over our heads. With two business majors, a nursing major, one soil major, and then me a history major only one of us knew exactly what was going on. Our professors were extremely patient with us and reviewed elementary elements that were familiar but not fresh on our brains (by some 10 years). As the day continued we were headed in the right direction. We preformed an experiment to determine the texture of specific samples of soil. By suspending the soil in water we were able to scientifically classify the size and texture of the particles by calculating how long the particles remained suspended in the water.

As we all learned, or re-learned parts of the curriculum we began to suffer from our night activities. While  one may thing that we went out and got “wild” we were simply suffering from our noisy classmates whom were celebrating Juvinalia, a holiday for the students. These festivities include many different traditions, however the ones that we observed was the  drunken shenanigans that partake right outside of our dorm. To say our walls were shaking from the music would be an understatement, and as if the music wasn’t loud enough the students yelled chants. They partied until about 4 am…. when the sun rises. Being pared with our jet-lag is was quite understandable that one of the girls from our class fell asleep on the first day. Hopefully Juvenalia ends soon, for our sleeping sake and the students livers sake.

After a long day in the classroom it was decided that it was time for lunch. Simon brought us to a restaurant that was not far from what they call their Vince. Foods on the menu included some unfamiliar items such as Glonka (pork knuckle) and beefs cheek. Being in a new country and all I decided to venture out of my comforts, although not much. Starting with a piece of bread covered in what was lard, as I cant remember the polish name for it. It was then garnished with pickles, salt and pepper. I ordered a delicious  pork chop, and I even ate and enjoyed the sauerkraut that was paired with it. After this we had to make our way back to the campus where we were given a short tour on some of the instruments used to preform the hydrology experiment in a more technologically advanced method.

Simon then introduced us to Bert! We were going to go to the store as we had to prepare food for the barbecue that is Friday. Bert was an excellent translator, with only one mishap with some garlic mustard (which did not make for tasty deviled eggs). In this store we were quite delighted to find  piece of home in Poland, Dr. Pepper! After checking out we made our way to a chocolate shop that displayed their 100s of works of art, they almost looked to good to eat. Bart sat with us while we enjoyed some chocolate drinks and taught me some more polish vocabulary like food, drink, toilet, man, and women among some others. We then  made our way back to campus to prepare the food for the next day, as we were extremely exhausted.

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